Jennings print commits to white ribbon

Jennings print commits to white ribbon

April 2016 sees Jennings Print take its first steps to becoming a White Ribbon Workplace, by commencing the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program.

This program recognises workplaces that are taking active steps to prevent and respond to violence against women, accrediting them as a White Ribbon Workplace. Assessment of White Ribbon Workplaces against the criteria is undertaken by  independent Assessors. White Ribbon Workplace Assessors are specialists with expertise in organisational development, business management, organisational change, quality improvement, gender equity and accreditation. 

White Ribbon Workplaces are centres of respect and proactivity in relation to the safety of women in the workplace, and are members of a truly leading edge cohort, both nationally and internationally. The Program is an award-winning initiative which is complementary to women’s empowerment initiatives and strengthens the organisation’s stance in relation to anti-bullying legislation.

General Manager Mark Jennings explains, “Jennings Print are proud to be associated with such a worthwhile program , and look forward to working at the forefront in driving social change with regards to ending domestic violence against women”.

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