10 Reasons Why Print Marketing is Still Doing Well Today

Not too long ago, the Internet predicted the death of print. With the popularity of social media and the development of new technology, it was easy to conclude that the best marketing strategies for any business was to promote its products online via blogs, websites, and other platforms.

While new media advertising strategies have their advantages and perks, print marketing is still thriving. Here are 10 reasons that could explain why it’s still doing well today.

1. Consumers still trust printed marketing more.

Any business that wants to gain the trust of consumers has better chances with printed marketing. Although many people use the Internet, consumers still view printed materials – like flyers, invitations, brochures, posters, or catalogues – as more credible and trustworthy than online ads. This is because online banners, pop-ups, and email marketing materials are sometimes associated with spam, virus, malware, and other malign aspects of the Internet. People are wary about clicking ads online, but they may willingly accept a flyer if someone hands this out to them in person.

2. Print subscriptions are still strong.

Despite some publications opting to go digital and ditching print, magazine subscriptions, which contain print advertisements, have remained at a generally stable pace in the last few years (at least 15-16 per cent). Meanwhile, though people say digital media has been dominating print media, just nine per cent of consumers are willing to pay premium for online subscriptions, according to a Media Consumer Survey conducted by Deloitte.

3. Printed marketing materials are easier to read.

Many consumers still prefer paper to screen for one good reason: it’s easier to read. A study released in 2015 revealed that a significant number of consumers (81%) still think that the readability of printed marketing is better compared to an online content.

Navigating and scrolling the screen of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone can sometimes distract and cause anxiety for a consumer who simply wants to read the information they need. On the other hand, it’s easier to find all the details on paper; they just have to open or flip the pages back and forth.

4. Information retention is more effective in print marketing.

In the academic setting, paper still trumps the screen when it comes to information retention and critical and creative thinking. This is according to a study from the Australian Academic & Research Libraries. A similar British study also indicated that students fared better in tests when they studied using paper notes or read from physical books compared to reading from tablets or their laptops.

The impact is the same for print marketing materials. Consumers create better memories of details they have read from paper, hence it’s still the most effective form of advertising. Online marketing or ads, on the other hand, encourage consumers to skim, scan, or skip the ads, so there’s not a lot of information retention there. In fact, consumers can totally ignore these ads with ease.

5. Supermarkets continue to make millions from their printed catalogues.

According to B&T Magazine, Australian supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths, and Aldi still make millions of sales through their printed catalogues. Many retailers are taking advantage of this wide readership with weekly publications. Coles has even expanded with a monthly magazine. It’s a high-quality sales brochure featuring recipes using their best products to help people plan their meals amidst their busy schedule. It’s actually a clever way to maximise printed marketing!

10 Reasons Why Print Marketing is Still Doing Well Today - Print Marketing

6. Consumers like that printed material is tangible.

Many consumers still have this mindset of wanting something tangible. They still collect business cards, prefer receiving paper bills than e-bills, appreciate actual cards than e-cards, and like other printed materials delivered or sent though the post. Touching, smelling, and hearing the crackle of the page as it is flipped evokes a different experience that stimulates people’s cognitive memory. Online marketing materials do not have this kind of effect.

7. Digital mail is often ignored.

Consumers open at least 80% of mail sent via the traditional form, while digital mail is disregarded 80% of the time as well, according to statistics from the European Advertising Consumer Report. So, a business that relies on online mail more than printed mail could be losing a lot of opportunities to target a market when foregoing printed marketing.

8. Printed marketing is more effective in establishing a brand.

Printed media can communicate your brand more broadly and effectively to consumers. The results in establishing brand worthiness are instant, especially when businesses can make their printed marketing strategies more personalised and targeted.  In digital marketing, brands have to compete with a lot of other brands online and the conversion rates and click-throughs don’t always bring instant results.

10 Reasons Why Print Marketing is Still Doing Well Today - Print Marketing

9. Print lasts forever.

Sure, paper can be thrown away, soiled, or burnt but many homes still have stacks of old newspapers or magazines in their garage. Although stories and information from a 2005 magazine on someone’s coffee table do not contain new information, there are print ads that people can still see over and over. That’s the kind of marketing a business will not get from a digital platform since ads online can be easily removed from a website once the terms have passed.

10. Not all consumers are reachable on the Internet.

There’s still a sizeable market that does not use the Internet to buy what they need. There are still generations of consumers which rely on traditional methods, including print. According to an SXSW Interactive panel, there’s also a significant number of millennial consumers who are growing to love printed form.

Take advantage of all the benefits of print marketing

In today’s business landscape, a well-rounded marketing approach combines both printed marketing and online marketing. If you require stickers, posters, books and other materials on print, we are ready to print your marketing materials.

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