Business cards create an immediate impression and either entice or deter people from your brand. While the shift has moved to exchanging contacts online, business cards are still an important business tool to give a new contact all of the information in one small space. It can direct potential clients to your website, social media pages, or simply show your business name, role and contact information. Whatever it is you wish to share, it needs to be done in a well-designed manner. 

If you’re wanting an eye-catching, colourful design or a sleek, minimalist look, we’ve got you covered. We can help refresh your brand and give your business cards an updated look and feel. Business cards communicate your brand to potential clients and are a valuable way of connecting with people. If you want consistent, quality branding, we’re here to help. Jennings Print is a family owned, high quality print house that cares about every detail.

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Jennings Print offer cheap prices on high-quality business cards with full colour, unique designs and premium quality paper.

If you’re searching for memorable business cards that make a strong impact and leave a lasting impression on potential clients, our quality design and print options are the answer.

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