5 Ways to Save on your Charity’s Publicity Material

Practical and inexpensive ways to promote your charity and not-for-profit

Charities play a vital role in every community. Most charities cater to specific needs of the community in which they serve, and often receive little to no attention from mainstream service providers.

Charities also respond to disasters, aiding in the rescue and rehabilitation of the affected communities as well as giving private individuals the chance to help and give, strengthening the spirit of unity and compassion to help those in need.

Organising a charity activity is not enough. There is also the matter of spreading the word about the activity’s intention to help, who it will help, and how other people can also lend a hand. Since some charities are run by private groups of people and non-profit organisations, spending on publicity materials will not be practical.

5 Ways for charity to save money on publicity

5 Ways for charities to save money on publicity

The amount spent on ads can be used for more important things. However, reaching more people means reaching more donors. So how can organisers communicate with potential sponsors without spending more on traditional advertisements? The team here at Jennings Print help us take a look.

1. Invest in promotional products that will last

Some make the mistake of investing in promotional products that are cheaper yet do not last for a long time. However, durable promotional products mean exposure to more people who may be interested in the organisation’s mission and activities.

Promotional products, such as USB flash drives and tumblers that carry the organisation’s logo, can be given as complimentary gifts to generous sponsors and volunteers. Durable and useful promotional products are effective in reaching out to more people. For example, a volunteer taking and using a tumbler bearing the organisation’s name or logo effectively promotes it to his colleagues and clients.

Of course, for a promotional product to be effective, it must be functional, durable, and high quality. The longer the recipient uses it, the more interested people will be exposed to the product and the organisation.

While it may be tempting to get cheap promotional products as complimentary gifts, they may not last long and may not serve their purpose. In addition, sponsors and volunteers feel appreciated if the gifts are unique and useful to them. They may be more expensive at first but are more cost-efficient in the long run.

2. Give yearly gifts to consistent partners and volunteers.

Recognising the generosity and efforts of partners, sponsors, and volunteers at the end of the year will boost their desire to help in the future. Stationery, planners, and desk calendars are great gifts for corporate partners.

Desk calendars and wall calendars can include photos from the past year’s activities to honour the contributions of everyone involved. Since calendars are placed in areas where they will always be seen, they will always be visible to visitors and colleagues. They are also displayed the whole twelve months, giving them high exposure and visibility.

Stationery items bearing the name of the organisation are also effective ways to spread the word about your organisation’s charitable activities. They can be functional at the same time as making the recipient aware of the organisation and its mission to help – make sure to include contact details so that interested people will know who to reach out to.

3. Invest in High-Quality Printing.

Photobooks are excellent gifts organisations can give sponsors and partners after a successful year or activity. Photographs can speak a thousand words, conveying emotions that can tug at the heartstrings. Photobooks can also be given to potential partners to see what the organisation is all about. They can contain snaps from charitable activities, showing the soul and compassion of everyone involved.

Of course, for a photobook to be effective publicity, the prints must show great details and have high quality. Offset printing offers accurate colour reproduction, giving booklets a professional look and finish. However, never sacrifice image quality over price. Photobooks and booklets tell the story of the organisation. High-quality prints will be able to tell this story effectively, and they will also last for a longer time.

Offset printing is ideal for large quantities. This means being able to create timeless materials that can be used even in the future. Choose a paper and a printing method that produce products that will not fade over time. Doing so means saving on materials and not having to spend on reprints.

4. Choose timeless promotional products

Trends inevitably come and go and the same is true with promotional product trends, s avoid choosing promotional products that may not be relevant in the near future. Choose products that can be used year-round, such as water bottles and bags. These products can be purchased in bulk at the start of the year to cover different activities in the future. Ordering in bulk will be much cheaper than barely covering the minimum order required.

While technology-related gifts like the USB are useful, storing them may be problematic. Electronic products are sensitive to changes in temperature, so they can easily be damaged if not stored properly. Instead, get promotional products that are not easily damaged and will still be in pristine condition even after a few months. Additionally, businesses may not allow personal drives to be used on the premises for security reasons.

5. Take advantage of social media

Facebook, the largest social media platform worldwide, currently has 1.9 billion daily users on its platform. Australia has approximately 11.5 million Facebook users. Instagram, TikTok and twitter all have immense followings, especially in the under 30s. Just imagine reaching these people and being able to share a meaningful and noble cause with them.

Likewise, organisations can increase awareness of their charitable causes by reaching like-minded individuals on social media platforms. Facebook even shares some best practices to help charitable non-profits in their mission. However, making the most out of the platform may mean hiring a social media manager and investing in ads to boost the organisation’s social media page engagement.

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