7 Promotional Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season

Draw more attention, get more customers, and increase your sales this Holiday season.

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re operating a business, that could mean more customers and improved sales. It could also mean it’s time to update your marketing strategy. Indeed, effective promotional marketing ideas can draw many buyers if you do it right.

Competition can be fierce at this time of the year, but stunning print campaigns can give you an edge. It’s better to start now so you can have everything ready for the holidays. Here are 7 excellent promotional marketing suggestions to get you started.

Custom holiday stickers

1. Custom holiday stickers

Printed custom holiday stickers are a great giveaway if you’re looking for something easy and low-cost. Feature your branding in holiday themes and give them away to customers with every purchase.

Depending on your business, you can give away everything from car to floor stickers. They can have any message you want, which gives you total flexibility.

For example, you can give holiday greetings and safety reminder stickers to customers. Social distancing stickers are great memorabilia, especially to a well-informed audience. Add some holiday colours and your logo to win more attention.

Custom holiday stickers are suitable for promotional marketing. People love showing off that they’re supporting certain brands. Moreover, stickers last. They’re also lightweight and can conveniently be given away.

Stands and popup stores

2. Stands and popup stores

Popup stores are a robust way to sell off your merchandise. Over the holiday season, people are ready to shop, but they’re not always ready to travel to you. If you have the flexibility, why not set up a popup shop?

Popup shops are part of the latest retail boom in Australia. You can get a small stand or a shop in a particular location. You can even put it up in a series of events, conventions, markets, and the like.

People will likely start going out with less fear, and it’s crucial to have your popup store to have noticeable prints and signages. Get a high-quality signboard and find pullup banners that can tell people you’re there and that you’re selling. Popup stores with limited-time offers will be a boon to Aussies who are excited to be able to go out again.

Holiday discount coupons and leaflets

3. Holiday discount coupons and leaflets

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also often the most expensive. While people are more likely to spend during this period, they also want savings. The last thing people want is to buy products too expensive for their budgets.

With that in mind, why not give your customers something to convince them? Give them discounts or discount codes, or offer them a catalogue with lowered prices. These will surely make them smile, especially if you have good price cuts.

A well design and printed brochure or set of leaflets looks fantastic. Put seasonal discount codes on it, some vouchers and coupons, and you’re good to go. Get ahead of others by giving it away to your most loyal customers.

A small coupon booklet will be something people appreciate. A few dollars here and there, once you combine them, can save a lot down the line. Give them this special service through a high-quality leaflet.

Unique packaging designs

4. Unique packaging designs

A product’s packaging is something that reaches customers 100% of the time. Thoughtful packaging not only wows customers, but it also entices them to buy. During the holidays, having a product with beautiful packaging can create a memorable unboxing.

Holidays are an excellent time to use seasonal packaging for your products. Whether you’re selling pastries or lotion, seasonal boxes will be a hit.

Unique Halloween, Christmas, or even Boxing Day packages add a touch of class. They can give your products a level of prestige and even create an exclusive’’ feel around your Christmas Edition product.

Find graphics design experts who can offer different styles for your packaging. You want to make sure you have unique Holiday prints that add a touch of the festive season. The design should be something good enough to give away, too.

Partner with a local charity

5. Partner with a local charity

If you’re a local business, building a community is one of the best and most heartfelt strategies you can execute. An excellent way to widen your customer base even further is to partner with a local charity. It’s the holidays, so doing some charity work can get you not only a big audience but also give you a wonderful purpose.

Talk to a local charity and see what they need for the holidays. Set aside specific products or promotional bundles for a charity donation. Have some of the proceeds go to the institutions that you want to help or those whose advocacy is close to your heart.

How do you communicate your charity work to your customers? One idea is to have custom charity packaging by commissioning a unique design for your charity bundle. If you’re aiming for a charity event, some posters and banners will look fabulous.

Holiday calendar giveaways

6. Holiday calendar giveaways

When the Christmas season is underway, it means New Year is nearby. There’s no easier way to do promotional marketing than with a calendar. It stays all year round, and it’s a small token to which people won’t say no.

You can print wall calendars that feature your products, your staff, and even your customers. Desk calendars also look good on every office desk. Calendars are effective marketing tools because they remind customers and prospects that they can use your service or buy your products all year long

Want your customers to keep the calendar as long as possible? Give out coupons and discounts that are printed on the calendar itself and are usable all-year-round.

Add your custom branding all over the calendar. It’s one of the best marketing tools you can use out there.

Window cling posters

7. Window cling posters

If you own a brick and mortar business, there are simple ways to ramp up your promotional marketing. One of them is to have window cling posters on your windows. It’s a great way to show your holiday sales to the upcoming window shoppers.

Every window cling poster communicates that you’re ready to take in customers for the holidays. Print your posters and show off your special offers and discounts. Make it easy to find, and use strong on-brand colours and oversized graphics.

How to do your promotional marketing right

When you’re working on holiday promotional marketing, there are a few things to remember. For one, it’s always crucial to have visible and on-brand materials. After all, you want superb quality that will last throughout the period.

You also want to make sure that the materials you use have striking graphics. The style needs to evoke a sense of holiday spirit while keeping your classic look. Depending on what you want to do, always consult with expert promotional marketers to help.

Printing Team that can give You Promotional Marketing Ideas

Find a Printing Team that can give You Promotional Marketing Ideas

Holiday promotional marketing ideas vary depending on your business. But for every business, having the right promotional materials can help the word go out. There are plenty of ideas out there, but you’ll always need skilled promotional experts to help.

Have a team that can help give you the promotional marketing tools you need to succeed. With creative marketing solutions and striking designs, you’ll reach more people this holiday season.

Talk to the best printing team today. Call Jennings Print for inquiries.