Benefits of Hiring a Graphic Designer Now

The pros of hiring a Newcastle-based graphic designer for your branding.

The design elements in your corporate logo, letterheads, signage, and other forms of branding play a crucial role in promoting your business. The text and images that represent your company have to look sharp not only on paper but also on the internet. This is why you need to hire a graphic designer.

Here are just some of the major benefits of working with a professional graphic artist.



Your brand should reflect your company values, and this is where a graphic designer can help. By working with a talented graphic designer right here in Newcastle, you can talk in person, in real-time, and easily collaborate on ideas and concepts for your design. From these discussions, they will be able to create business cards, posters, online banners, and other marketing materials – printed or digital – that are custom-made to represent your company.

Professional results

Professional results

When it comes to design, it’s true that you get what you pay for. If you’re going to DIY your logos and advertising graphics, you will probably get cheap looking designs. That will make it pretty hard to attract new customers.

Your brand should have a visual appeal that would turn heads in a split second. Look at your colours. Look at your fonts. Look at the lines and shapes. Will visitors like what they see? Are your design elements dull or sleek? Unprofessional or credible? Customers will label your brand based on how it looks.

Specialised experience

Specialised experience

A professional graphic design is not merely an expert at creating beautiful images. They have the knowledge and experience on how to make a brand stand out based on the psychology of design elements, colours and structures.

Graphic artists are also up-to-date on the latest design trends that can help convert the first impression into sales. Creativity in a simple logo can make a world of difference in setting your business apart within a highly competitive field.



This is how you make your mark – consistency across everything from your letterhead to life-size posters to your fleet of company vehicles.

Check out the logo of Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike. You can easily recognise them even without the company name.

Look at the colours of Coca-Cola and Facebook. The only colours that come to mind when you think of these brands are red and blue respectively.

When picking design elements, the primary goal is to build a visual that sticks to people’s minds. A good graphic designer can help you improve brand awareness and maintain consistency.

Device compatibility

Device compatibility

Smart devices seem to have taken over our lives. Look around you, and almost everyone has a smartphone, phablet, or tablet connected to the Internet. In marketing, it is no longer enough to have great-looking flyers, brochures, or websites. Your logos, slogans, and other branding messages should also be visible and attractive in mobile devices.

A graphic designer can help your web developer work on these devices so that everything appears just the same as they do on a desktop browser.

Faster turnout in less time

Faster turnout in less time

You can focus your time on running and growing your business by delegating the entire graphic design process to a professional.

Finding a Newcastle Graphic Designer

Outsourcing graphic design has become increasingly popular among business owners and managers. While this could save you hundreds of dollars in marketing expenses, expect to face many challenges along the way. Some common issues include a lack of consistent communication and understanding of your goals and purpose.

If you want to hire a graphic designer, work with someone who’s right here in Newcastle. Having them close by allows you to discuss your custom needs face to face and in real-time.

Here are some of the project details that you can draw up with your graphic designer:

  • Your corporate profile
  • Objectives of your ad campaign
  • Target market
  • Project deadline
  • Current budget

Jennings Print Can Help With Your Graphic Design Needs

Don’t underestimate the power of graphic design. Can you imagine a business without a logo or a product that does not have a label? Your brand is your identity! You will simply drown in a sea of competitors if you do not have something that makes you stand out.

In today’s digital age, people are quite visual, and they quickly make judgments based on what they see – often in just a split second. If you want that second to matter, consider hiring a graphic designer.

Newcastle is home to many creative talents who can do custom work for you.

Here at Jennings, we’re more than just a print company. Our in-house graphic design team offers specialised services for businesses that are in need of logos, business cards, posters, letterheads, and social media branding.

Do you need point of sale signs? Banners? Associated materials? We’ll customise each piece according to your style guidelines so that it reflects your brand message.

If you are not confident with your design, we can also help you draw one up from scratch. We’ll set up a meeting so you can talk to our graphic designer and discuss what direction you want for your business. We’ll then send you samples of our eye-catching design that aims to give your brand the customer recognition it deserves.

Our graphic design service covers:

  • Corporate logos, stationery, annual reports, letterheads, business cards
  • Marketing collateral, flyers, brochures, booklets
  • Signage, posters, pull-up banners
  • Packaging, stickers, labels
  • Vehicle signage

Let us help you incorporate your strong brand identity into your marketing collateral. Call us at 02 4933 5735 or email for enquiries.