Corporate Stationery FAQ

Corporate stationery can make a significant impact on your business

Well-designed corporate stationery leaves a lasting impression on customers. Rightly, this should be the goal, but can be is easier said than done. So, how does the team at Jennings Print achieve this, then? Let’s talk about why stationery is essential and how to make yours stand out from the competition.

Frequently asked questions about corporate stationery

Here are seven common questions that people have about corporate stationery.

What is corporate stationery?

1. What is corporate stationery?

Corporate stationery includes all official items where the company’s logo and name are printed. In short, corporate stationery includes most material objects that represent the company.

Most people think that corporate stationery just includes paper-based documents – business cards, notepads, and the like. The truth is that corporate stationery does include paper items, but its scope reaches far beyond, as well.

What items can be classified as corporate stationery?

2. What items can be classified as corporate stationery?

Every big company will have its own set of corporate stationery. These are just five examples of how corporate stationery benefit companies. There are many more, with these depending on the specific type of stationery in question. Not all companies require the same necessary items, so it’s important to carefully consider which ones work best for the company’s use, but corporate stationery will generally include items such as:

Some companies go a bit further and expand their stationery prints to include:

  • notepads, pens, and other writing materials
  • CDs, flash drives, and any associated casing materials
  • corporate calendars.
Why is corporate stationery such a necessity?

3. Why is corporate stationery such a necessity?

Having a complete set of official corporate stationery isn’t just aesthetics. There’s a certain feeling of professionalism built into the items produced at a quality printing company such as  Jennings print and this reflects positively on your company, offering advantages like:

Great first impressions

As cliché or corny as it sounds, first impressions do last. If companies want repeat transactions with clients, then the first impression must be excellent.

Proof of official transactions

Scams are all too common nowadays. However, official documents part of the corporate stationery can give clients more secure transactions with the company. An item with a stationery print can lend customers a good sense of security.

Brand recall and recognition

One of the best advantages of stationery prints is recognisability, as these items can increase brand recall and recognition; potential clients and existing customers can associate the company’s name and logo with specific services via visual recall. Of course, this is great for business. 


Having a standardised format for stationery also helps with recall and recognition. Again, this is possible through simply repeating visual cues to allow the public to associate the item with your specific brand.

Is all corporate stationery physical?

4.Is all corporate stationery physical?

This used to be the case a few years back, but some companies have also started to build digital stationery inventories, moving forward. Some of the typical items included in digital stationery include:

  • Official company email templates and digital letterheads
  • Important digital documents
  • Website designs
  • Materials for online promotion and marketing.
What is the importance of digital corporate stationery?

5. What is the importance of digital corporate stationery?

As time passes, more and more people gain exposure to the online world. People today spend a lot of time online, whether for work, recreation, or other activities. It’s not just the youth and young adults, either – most people nowadays are connected to the Internet, regardless of age.

Of course, this is something that companies are utilising. Transactions made online already make up the bulk of many companies’ revenues. This merely proves that there’s a lot of money to be made on the Internet.

Having an inventory of digital stationery prepares companies for any online interaction with potential clients. Any advantage that physical corporate stationery can have, digital ones can also do online.

6. How can your company make its corporate stationery stand out?

A complete set of corporate stationery doesn’t immediately translate to revenue unless you take extra care to make sure that yours is more noticeable than that of the competition – it should stand out, and here’s how we recommend it is done at Jennings Print:

Pick a design that fits your product and market

If possible, find a design that immediately tells customers what the company is all about. Aim for a design or template that reflects the services that the company can provide. For example, a tropical motif can fit a travel company well. Sure, some designs may look aesthetically pleasing but do they reflect what the company is? Unless it’s a big company with immediate brand recall, avoid this at all costs.

Don’t over-decorate

Some people make the mistake of over-decorating, which can cause the stationery to look cluttered. Doing so can make the design off-putting and hard to understand at a glance. 

Aim for functionality

Make it a point to keep functionality high while keeping it aesthetically pleasing. For example, instead of making an overdecorated notepad, prioritise functionality while keeping the company name and logo visible. Finally, make sure to have a repeating template for all the items. Keep the logo and company name consistent with maximising brand recall and recognition.

Does corporate stationery really make a company look professional?

7. Does corporate stationery really make a company look professional?

Imagine this: A potential client is choosing between two companies. Company A works well but doesn’t have materials that bear the company name and logo. on the other hand, Company B works equally well but has a full set of corporate stationery.

This situation is a no-brainer. Even though both companies seem equally efficient, Company B gives off a more organised, capable vibe, because of the full corporate stationery set. Never underestimate the power of a professional image. With all other aspects equal, customers would still prioritise a pro-looking company.

Have your corporate stationery designed and produced by the knowledgeable team at Jennings Print

The points mentioned in this article all point to the same thing – the design can be pleasant and functional. Scrimping just to save is a bad idea, and may negatively impact your brand, so be sure to have it designed and produced by a printing specialist.

We at Jennings Print are more than capable of doing your corporate stationery prints. Also, we do more than just print your items. We also design and do branding services to maximise your visibility. If you’re interested, you may learn more about us by clicking here. Alternatively, for enquiries, call us on 02 4933 5735 or send an email to, and our team will get back to you.