Entice Your Customers with Creative Point of Sale Displays

Point of sale displays take various forms but all work towards the same aim of convincing a customer at the checkout or register that they should add to their purchase. So, ‘point of sale’ refers to the location of the final purchase, and a display at this pertinent location can capture the attention of a customer and lead to increased sales.

A little psychology

Our psychology about money isn’t always logical, but it can be predictable.  When we are already going to spend X amount of money, spending a little bit more, X+Y, doesn’t generate the same adversity as spending Y separate to X. For example, when you are debating whether to buy a new office chair for $100 I’m sure you’re tossing up what else the $100 could be put towards, or whether the old chair could last just another month. However, when it comes to hiring or buying a new office premise, are you really seeing much difference between a $115,300 property and a $115,500? If the later is a nicer premise, it’s likely that the extra $200 won’t factor in. Who needs to save $200 when their spending $100,000? In reality that $200 isn’t actually worth less than the $100 you were thinking of spending on an office chair.

So, the customer who is already buying $70 worth of groceries, isn’t going to mind an extra $2 going towards a tin of mints, and the customer purchasing a $50,000 car is more likely to buy the $250 set of on-sale carpet mats than the customer who is only considering whether to spend $250 on any given Tuesday. What does this mean for your business? It puts into context the buying psychology of ‘extras’.

Types of Point of Sale Displays


Like the examples above, some point of sale displays offer ‘extras’ at the last minute. At the supermarket or service-station extras can be mints, chocolates, magazines, etc. At a business like a car dealership, optional extras might be advertised at the point of sale, like carpet mats, window tinting, window shades etc. At a theatre or cinema ticket office, point of sale displays often advertise popcorn, choc-tops, beverage deals, and, in the case of theatres, programs or merchandise. Depending on the proportional costs of X to Y, it can be easy to suggest the extra purchase of Y.

Coming Soon!

The point of sale is a great opportunity to share with your customers about upcoming events, product releases, sales, and deals. For example, a travel agent might advertise an upcoming cruise deal, a craft store might advertise an upcoming clear out of fabric, or a technology provider might alert customers to a product release date. Coming Soon! displays are really important for holiday offers such as Christmas or Easter specific sales.

point of sale
Did you Know?

Point of sale displays are often employed by charities to generate awareness for their cause. These kinds of displays draw attention to the cause and can elicit an emotional response from customers. A ‘Did you Know’ display might reveal the statistics of mortality due to poor water sanitation and invite donations. Or a ‘Did you Know’ display could reveal the harmful effects of plastic bags on marine life and urge customers to buy re-usable bags.

Point of Sale Displays can take the form of flyers, window displays, hanging signs (mobiles), posters, banners, shelving, and more and are aimed at influencing the purchasing behavior of a consumer.

Point of sale material needs to capture the attention of your audience and target market in a crucial moment, right when the consumer is making their final spending decision. Our in-house graphic designers will put your brand identity at the for, or develop a new design to promote your product range. From counter displays to posters and pull up banners, Jennings Print can design and print all the point of sale material for your business.

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