Flyer Ideas for Your Upcoming Bake Sale

How to use flyers for your charity fundraising event

A fund raising event, such as a bake sale for example, is a great venue for people to come together as a community. The primary purpose of any fundraiser is, of course, to raise money for a cause and garner funds.

However, while bake sales are hard to miss in a community, giving them more exposure before the actual event can only improve its success and distributing flyers from Jennings Print is one of the simplest ways to make people aware of an upcoming bake sale.

What information should a bake sale flyer contain

What information should a bake sale flyer contain?

Flyers for an upcoming bake sale should be able to let the readers know what the event is for, when it is happening, and everything else that they can expect from the bake sale. A bake sale flyer should contain:

  • The date, time and venue address.
  • The majority of people nowadays are dependent on social media. Direct them to the event’s Web address, where they will be able to find more information about the bake sale and enticing photos of what they can buy.
  • The bake sale’s featured products, their description and price.
  • Information about food allergens – baked goods contain plenty of ingredients that could cause allergic reactions in people who eat them. Eggs, gluten and nuts are the most common food allergens, and there are many more.
  • List of popular baked goods that people would like to see in the bake sale – give them the usual choices of cupcakes and brownies; why not include a space for visitors to make a suggestion?
How do you make your flyer grab attention

How do you make your flyer grab attention?


Flyers should be creative and colourful in order to catch people’s eyes. If the bake sale has a theme, stick to it. For example, flyers for a Christmas bake sale will have dominant red and green colours. Here are other flyer ideas for an upcoming bake sale.

A bake sale with a retro theme, for example, can be depicted by using colourful cupcakes with cherries, cream and sprinkles on the flyer. Add pricing information and be sure to make it pop to help buyers estimate how much they will need to spend on the bake sale.

Large letters with colour splashes

Large letters with a dash of colour will make people want to read more. Make sure the information about the event can be read easily. Digital printing is one of the most cost-effective ways to print flyers without sacrificing quality. It has a fast turnaround and is cost-efficient even when printing in small quantities.

A simple artwork with the word “Charity” in big, bold letters makes an eye-catching statement. The flyer should have enough room for details about the event. If you are interested in charity event printing materials, contact us here at Jennings Print.

Relevant charity colouring

The pink colour scheme is usually associated with breast cancer awareness. Use this colour (with a pink ribbon) if the bake sale is for the benefit of cancer patients and survivors. Make sure the graphics and text on the flyer tell the reader when and where the bake sale is going to be held.

Cupcakes and pastel background

Use soft, muted colours and pink cupcakes in the background. The cupcake in the foreground is the focal point, with smaller, out of focus cupcakes behind as the background. This will make the cupcake in front pop and catch the reader’s attention.

Cartoon characters

Choose a cute cartoon character, such as a chef with a tray of cupcakes, to entice people to read the flyer. The use of fiesta flags on the top and bottom parts gives the flyer a festive look. This flyer idea is ideal for fundraising events for the benefit of children.

A flyer and order form in one

An economical way to promote a bake sale is to create a flyer with an order form at the bottom. Use mouth-watering cookies or brownies above a functional order form that is easy to fill out. The flyer can be folded for easier distribution.

Recipe sheet flyers

When buyers love your baked goodies, and they’re not your secret recipes, share how to make them with customers. If this is your style, you can maximise the flyer by turning it into a recipe sheet. It should include the title of the recipe, the list of ingredients, as well as directions. Offset printing from Jennings Print can be used to create this type of flyer, especially if a large quantity is required.

A sunny vibe for a morning bake sale

Here’s a bright idea; use a sunburst background to create a sunny illusion for the flyer. When combined with a gold framed scroll for the message, the overall sunny concept is sure to catch the attention of passers-by for a morning bake sale. Add an image of a cupcake that looks velvety and smooth and expect to see people trooping towards your booth.

Egg face bake sale flyer

Adorable egg faces will surely make people smile as they read the details on the flyer. Make them the focal point of the flyer, with the details placed on the bottom. Hand out as many flyers as you can and display them in lots of different locations, including community boards, public libraries, churches and schools.

Make your bake sale stand out with Jennings Print

Make your bake sale stand out with Jennings Print

Beautiful flyers and other printed promotional materials are bound to make your bake sale stand out. Jennings Print can help you create high-quality flyers, posters, stickers and more. We have over 45 years of printing experience and have helped small and big businesses alike. We specialise in digital and offset printing, as well as corporate colour reproduction and are able to service the needs of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast.

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