How Jennings Print Can Help Small Businesses

From on-demand graphic design to printing your collateral materials, there’s a ton of ways Jennings can help your small biz.

Staying afloat during this pervasive pandemic is challenging. If you are a small business, and want to get more noticed, you will need a good marketing team. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hire an in-house marketing staff, but it does mean that a company like Jennings Print can take care of your scalable printing and other graphics needs, which will get your brand further into the market place and produce an updraft in business opportunities.

What Type of Printing Services Do You Need

What Type of Printing Services Do You Need?

Different businesses have different promotional needs, but if you can identify the kind of exposure you want, we can go from there. Here are 4 printing services that you can utilise for your marketing campaign:

1. Offset printing

If you need printed materials in large volumes, offset printing will get the job done. State-of-the-art offset printers are able to produce high-quality prints in large quantities. They have a quick turnaround too, so you can be sure to stay within your lead time and budget.

How Does Offset printing Work?

Offset printing doesn’t transfer ink directly onto paper. Instead, it uses plates to transfer an image onto a rubber “blanket” before rolling it onto a sheet of paper. It provides an accurate reproduction of colours which results in a crisp and high-quality finished product.

2. Digital printing

Digital printing is ideal if you only require a few pieces of high-quality material. This method is fast because digital printers use toner which dries fast, so you can expect a quick turnaround here, too. In fact, most printing companies with digital equipment can produce orders in one day, on-demand.

Digital Printing technology allows you to put a customised copy on each individual piece, which is a god-send if you require frequent changes to your printed materials. You can amend names and addresses, phone numbers or images as often as you require and are not bound to purchase large amounts of copy.

3. Print finishing services

Make your printed materials stand out with decorative details and quality finishes. You can choose from a wide range of finishes that best suit the purpose of your printed materials and your budget such as:

  • binding
  • laminating
  • Scodix
  • spot UV
  • die-cutting
  • foiling
  • cello glazing

You can also print your marketing materials on indoor or outdoor banners for better visibility. They can be finished with hemmed edges and eyelets, ropes and eyelets, hemmed edges and Velcro, rod pockets or keder edging.

4. Graphic design services

Brand consistency is vital, especially in this age where physical shops are supported by an online presence. By utilising a professional graphic design team, you’ll achieve a consistent brand that can be used across all platforms. The Jennings Team can assist you in all aspects of your marketing campaign, from the conceptualisation of your logo, banner design and point of sale signs, to label and packaging and collateral materials.

You can count on the design team to produce eye-catching marketing collateral for your brand. Jennings can take care of everything from business cards, letterheads and stickers to vehicle signage and pull up banners.

A Variety of Products That You Can Customise

Already have a logo and other marketing designs? Take a look at these customisable products that can help your marketing campaign.



Booklets are your best option to leave a lasting impression. Jennings produces memorable catalogues and informative booklets for any event, filled with your products and services. Custom booklets are an advanced option to leave with a prospective client after a sales presentation. These allow you to convey information to clients in a format that is easy to read. You can choose the size, cover style and paper stock that best suit your marketing campaign requirements.



Brochures help maximise your brand’s visibility to make your business thrive and can promote new ideas or products, drive product recognition, and deliver service information. A well-designed and visually striking brochure can have a great impact on potential customers. You can choose from standard A6, A5, A4 and DL, or customise the size to your specifications.



Flyers have the potential to promote your message to a wider audience. That’s why they have to be designed to generate an instantaneous response by promoting a clear call to action. Ideally, they will contain striking wording and clear branding for high visual impact.


Corporate stationery

Make a strong first impression on your potential customers. Have your own corporate stationery custom made to keep your branding consistent throughout your print materials. See to it that your business cards, letterheads, presentation folders and envelopes reflect your current logo, brand message and style for consistency.

docket books

Docket books

Place your brand and contact details on docket books if you want your customers to perceive you as a professional and trusted company. You can have branded docket books, invoices and receipt books printed in black or just about any colour you want.

Docket books include sequential numbers for easier tracking or can be made without numbers at your request. Jennings Print uses NCR paper, so there is no need for you to worry about procuring carbon paper.



Customised stickers make it fun to promote your business. Jennings Print design and print any type of personalised stickers you can think of, such as address and product labels, window decals and vehicle signage.

Stickers are another cost effective way to deliver consistent brand messaging and they can be made in any size and shape, in a variety of materials such as:

  • vinyl
  • paper
  • clear
  • reflective
  • matt or gloss finish



Large format posters are highly visible, so they can take your message to a broader audience in exhibitions and special events or in store. Our posters are fully customisable, and we can print them as large as A0 or 841 x 1189mm.

Who is Jennings Print

Who is Jennings Print?

We are a family-owned print house that produces high-quality products. Clients from local small businesses to large companies such as Westpac and Greater Bank come to us for their printed materials and other marketing needs because we care about every detail and consistently deliver the highest possible quality in everything that we do.

Why not come to us for your offset, digital and colour reproduction needs too? We’ve been in the business for more than 45 years. Contact us online or call us on 4933 5735 to set up a meeting and start strategizing the visual presence of your brand.