How Sticker Marketing Can Create a Buzz for Your Business

Stickers have done a pretty good job of gluing ideas, concepts, and people into our minds for nearly 70 years now. They’ve helped elect politicians, built awareness for companies and brands, and sparked discussions (perhaps even debates), among other things.

While stickers have made a long-lasting impression and impact, businesses often overlook this tool for their marketing campaigns. Most, in fact, would argue in favour of using social media and other online tools because of their supposed cost-effectiveness. But then again, here are some reasons why your business shouldn’t just ditch this proven offline marketing tool. We hope they’ll stick in your head (forgive the pun).

9 reasons to consider sticker marketing for your business

1.  On bumpers and beyond

Traditional bumper stickers can still be found everywhere. Most car owners, however, have gone a little higher and now go for the rear window since it is easily in most people’s line of sight. This helps promote and make their statements more visible depending, of course, on the purpose of the sticker.

However, be mindful that businesses are slowly moving away from the traditional big, white, and rectangular stickers. Instead, stickers can be found in various shapes and sizes for a wide range of applications – from vehicle bodies to different equipment; from laptops to smartphones and other gadgets.

2. Offline social media

Social media is about getting engagement with the crowd. Whether it’s a like, love, share, comment, retweet, or any other reaction, the point is you’re getting people to think and interact with the idea you have on your sticker. Those engagements have happened long before Facebook, or even MySpace, came into being.

What’s common about social media marketing and sticker marketing, especially if done in one geographical area, is that they evoke engagements at a low cost. Getting those high impressions (or views) and engagements shouldn’t be a problem if your stickers are well-designed and well-distributed.

sticker marketing

3. The power of word-of-mouth

Even with social media and online presence in the marketing sphere, word-of-mouth marketing remains one of the most powerful promotional tools. Research has shown that 90% of people rely on word-of-mouth information before deciding. As such, before buying something or deciding on a position, people want to get information from someone they trust. A sticker with evoking content that’s distributed well will surely create a buzz – a sure sign that word-of-mouth is taking place.

4. ‘Soft sell’ content

Businesses, whether big or small, have shifted into the ‘soft sell’ mode when it comes to the advertising content of their stickers. Instead of highlighting the company or brand’s name or logo, they have now been focusing on the idea that their products are trying to convey or embody. For instance, an insurance company may place something like “Love Life” on its promotional stickers, as opposed to something like “Get Insured Today.” Same point, different approach. Moreover, it may even create a buzz depending on the design and how widespread it is.


5. Call to action

The short sentence (usually 1-3 words) written on the buttons you click is called the ‘call to action’. Calls to action can also be the content of your stickers. Just make sure, of course, that the words stick to your intended audience’s minds.

You may also print a voucher code on the sticker, then add it to a flyer. That way, you get to monitor how people are responding to your campaign. It’s a good way to highlight special deals you may have or to give further information on products and services your business offers.

6. Can be your ‘gift’

Even if you don’t do the sticking yourself for public display, stickers would still convey the same content they have when sent to targeted individuals. Whether you hand them or send them via snail mail, promotional stickers are more valuable than other printed materials like brochures and flyers. The usual printed stuff gives all or a lot of information in one go.

On the other hand, promotional stickers convey a message, but leave the audience wondering what else there is to know. Plus, when your audience has a better idea, they’ll place your sticker with pride. That way, your marketing drive or information campaign becomes more effective.

sticker marketing

7. Promotional flexibility

Location, location, location are the three most important things in promotion. The advantage of promotional stickers is that you can dictate where (and when) to place them. Just make sure that your sticking is done tastefully, effectively, and legally.

8. Enhances marketing efforts

Stickers can be used to strengthen marketing campaigns, including online efforts. For instance, you may give stickers to targeted customers in exchange for their email addresses. Likewise, pertinent details on your promotions can be placed at the back of your stickers. When your sticker marketing campaign is done well, it can generate superb PR and more.

sticker marketing

9. Potentially profitable product

Promotional stickers, if the design and business plan are done well, can also be sold for profit. If you have an idea or slogan that clicks and sticks in people’s minds, then go for it. If it’s really good, people may even be willing to pay for it. Just make sure the sticker’s content aligns well with your campaign and brand. That goes without saying that it should also fit the profile of your intended customers.

Jennings Print will help you ‘stick’ it together

Effective marketing revolves around a strong brand that considers various marketing tools. Stickers can be a great way to share a message or your brand if distributed thoughtfully.

At Jennings, you can trust us to print signage stickers, product labels, window decals, and other stuff that stick not just on items, but in minds of your customers. Call us to know more about our sticker products and services or request a quote today.