How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Even in the digital age, a well-thought-out business card still stands out. Business cards have been around for quite a long time; there’s even an article identifying the Chinese as having invented calling cards as far back as the 15th century. After hundreds of years, the business card still plays a vital role in a business setting.

Have you heard of the virtual business card? It was invented and even tried to replace a printed business card, but nothing can add to the impact of a first meeting than an exchange of printed out business cards. An article from lifestyle website Executive Style argues that the exchanging of business cards is an essential part of the ceremony of meeting a person in a business setting. Despite with the advent of business-centric social media platforms such as LinkedIn, a business card still proves to be more appealing, especially in a face-to-face meeting.

That only highlights the need to make your business card stand out. Especially if you’ll be attending a networking event, where business cards are being exchanged in every corner of the room. You don’t want your business card to end up left on a table or worse, abandoned on the floor.

Make your business card stand out with these 5 tips

use your business card to inspire people

1. Opt for a simple business card.

Yes, your business card should stand out. This, however, doesn’t mean you want it looking too cluttered because of too much information or too many details on the layout.

Remember that your business card should only provide a snippet of information about you. Your business card is not a novel; it should not tell your whole story. Basically, you’d want to inspire people to learn more about you. You need to find that perfect balance between design and empty space. Especially in such a limited area, less can definitely be more.

2. Choose a design that fits you.

Make sure that in picking your business card’s design, it aligns with your values, the services you offer, and your personality. The people you meet should be able to make a connection between you and your business card. Consider a printing service provider that also does great graphic design. Take note of the following aspects when it comes to determining the design of your business card:

  • Font:This is the core of your design. You can have a great logo for your business or have the most eye-catching colour or illustration, but no one is going to keep a business card they can’t read. Avoid using dated or unreadable fonts for your business card.
  • Colour(s):Colour can make your business card come alive or it can make it look crazy. Make sure to use complementing colours. You also need to take into consideration you or your company’s logo. If the logo already has a lot of colour, opt for a simpler background. Check with your printer if there are other colour bases for your card than just white.
  • Design:Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. You can be creative with the design of your card but always make sure that it’s aligned with your purpose and your branding.

3. Utilise your blank space.

As we just mentioned, simplicity is key. But this does not automatically mean that your business card should be all blank/white space. A good idea is to use your own illustration, or even a photograph. This is most especially applicable to designers, illustrators or photographers. Use your business card’s blank space smartly and showcase your work.

use your business card space smartly

4. Don’t forget about the back side of your business card.

Your business card only holds a few pieces of information about you. Sometimes it can be so few that you are left with a completely blank space at the back. Don’t let this space go to waste and think of something creative to make your business card stand out. Consider the following suggestions in designing the back of your card:

  1. Include a map of your office:An efficient way to utilise the back side of your card is to put a map of your office. It can serve as an excellent visual reminder of your location.
  2. List your social media accounts:Most people nowadays are on social media. Consider including your social media accounts, especially if they’re part of your marketing strategy. Choose the platform/s where you’re most active and only include those that will best represent what you are trying to sell.
  3. Turn it into a coupon:If you want to stand out, consider turning the back of your business card into a coupon. It’s a practical way to make yourself memorable, especially if you are in the sales industry. It can also motivate the receiver to keep your card for longer.

5. Consider a tactile route.

Make a unique first impression with your business card by switching up the paper texture, the finish (matte or glossy), or making the edges rounded instead of squared off. Check with your printer, they should be able to recommend different print finishing services to you.

6. Take note of the size.

The standard business card size in Australia is 90mm by 55mm, which is around 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Most business cards come in this size, and it is the easiest to prepare and print. But this should not stop you from being creative. This is most applicable to those in the creative and entertainment industries.

Check if your trusted Newcastle printer does die-cutting, so you can customise the shape of your business card. However, you still have to make sure that the size and shape match with what you’re trying to sell. If in doubt, go back to tip number one, which is to opt for a simple business card.

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