How to Take the Pain Out of Marketing

Marketing is a necessary component of the day to day functioning of every company, but it can be a complex and time-consuming operation. The list of requirements to take into consideration can seem endless starting with:

  • Conducting market research
  • Identifying your points of difference
  • Preserving your business brand
  • Choosing the method and platform for your campaign
  • Setting your budgets
  • Setting your campaign goals
  • Selecting your KPI criteria

With that being just a small sample of the things to look at, it is no wonder that many companies are looking to take the pain out of their marketing. Check online at Small Business WA for more handy hints and information for what to take into consideration for your next marketing campaign.

In our current digital age, most industries are looking at marketing that can be done on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. There seems to be one trusted format that is missing from this line-up. Good, time-tested, print marketing. There are some brands out there who still use printing to engage and inspire their customers with catalogues, flyers, brochures, customised notepads, and printed vouchers.

Print marketing is still very popular and, according to CampaignDrive, 92% of shoppers say that they prefer print marketing when making a purchasing decision. We then have to ask the question: Why is print so popular and effective? The answer comes down to the fact that a digital message will arrive, be looked at, and then the person will either make a spot decision and purchase or just get on with their day. Digital media is also limited by the attention span of the viewer. Anyone in digital marketing will tell you that the message needs to be short and to the point so it can be viewed in seconds. This means the customer will seldom receive enough information in that time to make an informed decision.

print marketing is still popular

With printed media there is the added advantage of longevity. If you hand a customer a flyer or brochure, they can read it at their leisure but they also have the advantage of reading it again if they need to prior to making a decision. This also alleviates the pressure of needing to make a decision on the spot, like with digital media. The other advantage is that there will be enough product information on the printed material to make a decision they are happy to go ahead with.

The best way to take the pain out of your marketing is to engage a reliable print company like Jennings Print Group to do this for you. Jennings Print is a family-owned, quality printing firm which services Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, the Hunter Valley, and the Central Coast. Jennings Print works with small businesses all the way through to large multinational corporations.

The Jennings team prides themselves on their attention to detail and their commitment to exceeding the customer’s expectations from the time the enquiry is received through until the time the order is delivered. Jennings Print provides their customers with all of their promotional marketing needs from a single, reliable, high-quality source. They will assist you with creative marketing, glorious designs, brand consistency, exceptional quality and fantastic imagery that’s ‘Pinspirational’.

The range of products available from Jennings Print will meet all of your corporate marketing needs. The selection includes booklets, brochures, flyers, business cards, and promotional products, and of course they can also produce high quality product catalogues to cover your entire range. It doesn’t stop there, Jennings Print also have graphic design facilities, pull-up banners, posters, window decals, vehicle signage, and so much more.

Every item with your logo on it is a part of your brand awareness and therefore a part of the marketing collateral for your business. This even filters down to the safety products you use throughout your organisation. Jennings Print offers a full range of branded safety products including danger tags, information tags, inspection stickers, first aid signs, warning signs, emergency signs, and fire signs. Visitors can feel secure in the knowledge that their safety is a priority for you. Another advantage of this is that the company brand is on display, upholding your marketing strategy.

If you would like to save time, save money and take the pain out your marketing, please contact Jennings Print on 02 4933 5735 or via the website at

jennings print provide all your promotional marketing needs