Key Elements of an Effective Brochure

Consider printing brochures to promote your products, service or an up and coming event.

A brochure is a small folded piece of paper or magazine that contains information about a business, its products, services or events. An effective brochure will catch the reader’s attention with its simple and eye-catching design. It should provide all relevant information whilst motivating them to take action, such as buying their products or services or signing up for an event.

An effective brochure is a professional way

Why Does Your Business Need Its Own Brochure?

An effective brochure is a professional way to reach a target audience. Unlike magazines, billboards and radio or tv advertisements, brochures are an affordable way to give readers the information that a business wants to relay.

When placed in a target location, brochures can be as effective as any other media. For example, tourism or retail business can place their brochures in a rack at tourism information offices where tourists can easily see and pick them up.

3 Key Elements of an Effective Brochure

For a brochure to be effective, it needs the following three key elements:

  1. A compelling copy
  2. An easy-to-read layout
  3. A simple yet eye-catching graphic design.
A Compelling Story How to Write Brochure Content

1. A Compelling Story: How to Write Brochure Content

When writing the content of a brochure, the purpose and approach should be pinpointed by gathering information relevant to the campaign.

Know Your Target Audience

There are some important questions to ask here:

  • Are the target readers familiar with your product or just a general audience?
  • How are they going to use the brochure? For example:
    • Is the brochure to promote an event?
    • Is it an informational brochure that people are going to keep?
    • Will the brochure be used with other marketing tools (to help keep the content consistent throughout the entire ad campaign)?

Keep It Brief

Most people shy away from big chunks of text. Too much text can cause people to put down the brochure. In order to entice readers to pick up your brochure, it needs to offer only important key points. Pictures, drawings and charts are more attractive, so use words sparingly.

Keep Readers Interested

You’ve got your readers’ attention. The next step is to keep them interested in whatever your brochure is offering. Make sure the copy appeals to the readers’ needs and emotions.

Make Readers Hang on To Your Brochure

People will want to keep your brochures if they contain valuable information and instructions. So, make sure they showcase your newest and bestselling products and include all of your contact details. This way, they can have something to go back to if they decide to buy or call your company in the future.

Organise Text

Break up text into sections so that they are easy to scan and read. Use bullets, subheadings and text boxes, as well as pictures and drawings to impart your message.

Don’t Leave Readers with Any Questions

Provide all the necessary answers to the what, when, where, who, why and how. Clearly state what the brochure is for, when and where the event will take place, who the organisers and sponsors are, and why anyone should attend. Make sure to check that your facts are accurate.

Readable Layout

2. Readable Layout

The layout of the brochure will depend heavily on how much text and images to include. Your budget also plays an important role, as the more elaborate a brochure, the more expensive it becomes.

Depending on the amount and type of information that you need to include, you can choose from a simple to a detailed brochure. A good and effective brochure presents information in a logical manner. It flows seamlessly and can impart all the relevant information at a glance.

Rack Card

A simple rack card has no folds and is printed front and back. This layout makes an effective brochure, especially for people in a hurry, which means the brochure only has a few seconds to grab the readers’ attention.

4/6 Panel Brochure

A four- or six-panel brochure is ideal for highlighting a product or service. It can be brief, but also contain enough text and images to pique the audience’s curiosity.

8 Panel Brochure

An extremely detailed eight-panel brochure can contain a lot of valuable information. It is suitable if you want to include instructions and other “how-to” information. However, this type of layout may not be appreciated by everyone, especially if it contains large blocks of text. The cost also increases as you add more panels.

Graphic Design

3. Graphic Design

The design can make or break your brochure and getting design elements down pat can help ensure the effectiveness of your brochure. Here are some important elements of your brochure design to consider:

Use Colour to Set the Tone

Neutral hues can best get a serious business message across. Meanwhile, bright colours are better suited for a business or service that is fun and quirky. Colour conveys such a huge amount of information that a whole philosophy has come out of it: Colour theory.

Use the Right Font

Choosing the right font can also set the mood of your brochure. For example, Comic Sans looks a bit casual and outdated, so it isn’t ideal for serious-toned brochures. Some flourished fonts can be hard to read, too. When picking a font type, make sure it is appropriate as well as easy to read. Use different font sizes to highlight the essential information.

Use the Right Photos

Besides ensuring that the photos you use are relevant to the brochure, they should not violate copyright. Make sure you have permission to use these images or have downloaded them from open source sites.

Utilise White Space Effectively

White space, or empty space, is as important as text and images. When used strategically, white space prevents your brochure from looking cluttered and messy. Additionally, it can help in emphasising key points and images.

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Get in Touch with the Brochure Printing Specialist in Newcastle.

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