Productive Ways to Utilise Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are ideal if you’re looking for temporary signs that are also durable and cost effective.

The use of temporary signage is rising, thanks to the versatility that temporary signs offer, making it the smarter choice for businesses. Temporary signs do not need nails and screws that can leave permanent holes. They make installation and removal easy and quick, and they don’t leave unsightly marks behind.

Temporary signs have many practical uses. You see them promoting sales and one-time events, and as warning signs at construction sites.

One of the most popular temporary signage options in Australia is the corflute sign. Corflute signs are a popular choice amongst Newcastle businesses. They are made from highly durable and affordable materials and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses.

What are Corflute Signs

What are Corflute Signs?

Corflute is a type of corrugated or ribbed twin-wall plastic produced from polypropylene resin. Corflute is lightweight and comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

Newcastle corflute signs are usually used for short-term signage or advertisements. They are weather-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use and ideal for real estate and construction site signage.

Benefits of Corflute Signs

What makes corflute a popular choice for signage are the benefits it offers. Here are some of the known benefits of getting corflute signs in Newcastle.

  • Corflute signs are inexpensive. It makes them a cost-effective choice for temporary signage.
  • Corflute signs are durable and waterproof. These signs are generally robust, which means they can withstand the harsh elements of the Australian weather. They can withstand heavy rains and extreme winds.
  • Corflute signs are easy to install. Because corflute is lightweight, the installation of a corflute sign can be done by anyone. They can be easily attached to fixtures and hooks. Once the need for the signage is over, you can also easily take it down.
  • Corflute offers easy customisation. Corflute can be shaped and cut to any size and shape according to your signage requirements.
  • Corflute allows high-definition printing. You can go wild with colours on your corflute signage. You can digitally print on the corflute directly without the need for another medium to transfer your image or sign. The quality of the colours will not diminish because corflute shows colours well.
  • Corflute offers quick turnaround times. Since corflutes are inexpensive to manufacture, they are easy to stock. You can have your corflute sign within 24 hours.

Uses of Corflute Signs

There are many uses for corflute signs. The versatility of the material makes it the top choice for Newcastle signage needs. Here are some of the popular applications of corflute signs.

Signs for Newcastle Events and Conferences

1. Signs for Newcastle Events and Conferences

Corflute signs are perfect for events and conferences because of their obvious benefits:

  • They are lightweight and can be easily transported.
  • They can be printed and produced quickly.
  • They can produce high-quality and eye-catching signs.

Events such as trade shows, fairs, festivals, and conferences can take place across multiple venues. The need to transfer and move requires lightweight signage materials that are easy to transport to different locations.

Corflute signs are also durable and robust, so they can withstand the stress that travel can bring.

The high-definition prints that corflute signage can give can also bring life and colour to your events and conferences. Participants can easily see the signs for the parking, registration, catering, toilets, and many others.

Signs for Outdoor Events

2. Signs for Outdoor Events

Outdoor events need information signage that are high-definition, attractive, durable, and weather-proof. Your signs will fight for attention in outdoor events where the senses of the attendees are overwhelmed. Corflute signs allow you to choose colours that are eye-catching and will capture the attention of the attendees.

Outdoor events are also subject to different weather conditions. You will need signage that can withstand heavy downpour, strong winds, and extreme heat. Corflute signs are ideal outdoor signs that will last through extreme weather conditions. They will not warp nor will the print wear off when they are subjected to windy and rainy conditions.

Real Estate Signage

3. Real Estate Signage

Are you planning to sell your home, or are you a real estate agent? When looking for real estate signage, you should look for something temporary and cost-efficient yet durable.

Investing in other forms of weather-resistant signage can be more costly because soon enough, you will have to take the sign down. Good thing corflute signs offer the best and cost-effective solution for real estate signage. They are affordable, easily produced, yet tough enough for outdoor use. They can also display colours that pop out and catch the eye of the target customers.

Construction Site Signage

4. Construction Site Signage

Construction sites are not for the fainthearted. They are also not the place for easily-damaged and dull signs. You will need signs that can stand out amidst the chaos to give information and warning to the workers.

Corflute signs are perfect construction site signs. Corflute is a tough, lightweight, and weather-proof plastic material that can survive extreme Australian weather conditions. It is ideal for temporary signs because it is cheaper than other materials such as metal or PVC. It is also a recyclable material, making it the more responsible choice for temporary signs.

Temporary Traffic Signs

5. Temporary Traffic Signs

Sometimes, traffic has to diverted due to unforeseen circumstances or some city festivities. Corflute traffic signs can work under pressure and can survive the harsh elements in the street. They can help provide direction and notice on temporary speed limits when needed.

Indoor and Outdoor Business Signage

6. Indoor and Outdoor Business Signage

Do you own a cafe or a small business in Newcastle? If you want to add charm and character to your business establishment, invest in corflute signs. Corflute signs are perfect for hanging on the walls of your cafe and restaurant.

You can also have a corflute sign in an A-frame just outside your doors to invite customers in. You can have corflute signs for your happy hour or for any special rates that you offer.

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