Tips for Marketing Your Christmas Events

How to get more people to attend your event.

The Christmas season is a significant period of the year where people spend quality time with their family and friends. The festivity allows people to take some time off from their responsibilities and just enjoy the season of giving. Most individuals plan their holiday schedule ahead of time because they have so much to accomplish, like flying home or finishing their Christmas shopping.

In this joyous time, there are traditions to uphold, gifts to give, and new experiences waiting to happen. The Christmas spirit is in everyone’s hearts, and there’s no better way of spreading the holiday cheer by organising a fantastic event that brings people together.

7 ways to boost a Christmas event

Any event needs to be marketed properly, otherwise, it won’t be fruitful. The event promotion must be effective to ensure its success. Fortunately, there are various ways to boost a Christmas event and encourage people to go. Market it strategically, and it will surely be an event to remember for years to come.

Utilise social media platforms.

1.  Utilise social media platforms.

Catalogues, e-mail campaigns, and advertisements on print publications are all good, but do not forget social media platforms. They should be utilised to further market the event. Aside from posting event details on the website and Facebook page, a business can also hold fun polls on Twitter and Instagram.

To some extent, engagement in social media is much easier to track because it is instantaneous. In handing out flyers, you won’t really know who kept it for reference or who threw it away. By putting out the information about the Christmas event on the Internet, interested people would be able to share it with their friends and even invite more people to come with them.

Post some Christmas-related videos.

2.  Post some Christmas-related videos.

To get the event out there, the company should work hard on promoting itself through various social media platforms. Aside from digital posters of the event, the business can also post many holiday-themed videos to get more traffic to the website.

The kind of videos that would get the most views is the helpful ones, like how to wrap irregularly-shaped gifts or how to make unique designs with wrapping paper. By increasing the page visitors and views, more people will know about the details of the Christmas event, essentially boosting it.

Have a contest or giveaway.

3.  Have a contest or giveaway.

A great way of bringing more traffic to the company website is by hosting a contest or a giveaway. They usually have requirements of following important social media accounts, sharing the giveaway post, or commenting on the post itself. If the prize is something quite enticing, many people will be encouraged to join.

Hosting a giveaway or contest is like having people market it (and the company) themselves. When the number of followers rise and the engagement increases, market the Christmas event again because more people will be able to see it.

Be innovative.

4.  Be innovative.

During the holiday season, one can expect there’ll be plenty of Christmas events to choose from. However, this is also a busy time of the year, so most people can only make time for one or two. If a company wants people to make time for the occasion they are hosting, it must be fascinating and unique.

If it’s just like any other Christmas event, there will be no point in going. What makes this particular one stand out? Are there free drinks, free food, or perhaps a chance to win some holiday goodies? Market the event by hooking the target audience with what sets the event apart from all the other events during the season.

Invite specific guests.

5.  Invite specific guests.

Not only does this ensure that there will be attendees in the event, but they can also help spread the word about their excitement. These guests can be previous attendees from past gatherings who already know that such an event will be enjoyable.

The invite can come in the form of Christmas cards or formal invitations. The event host can also give coupons, discounts, or freebies for some people that the guest manages to bring to the party. By having this incentive, they will make an effort to encourage more people to boost the event’s attendees.

Time it well.

6.  Time it well.

If you have a Christmas event, it’s probably not the best idea to start marketing it as soon as August ends. Halloween and Thanksgiving are yet to come, so any marketing effort might not be as effective because it’s way too early yet. The best time would be from the second week of November until December because people would already be planning how their holidays would go. Instead of immediately posting the details of the event, a company can make teasers about the announcement of the event. It adds a bit of mystery while also broadcasting that there will be an upcoming Christmas event from that company.

Tailor the event for its target demographic.

7.  Tailor the event for its target demographic.

If the event is strictly for adults, it is alright to promote free-flowing drinks. On the other hand, if the Christmas event is more family-oriented it would be good to advertise holiday games and prizes. Christmas events for late teens to those in their 20s are usually drawn by the aesthetic of the event, such as the location and decoration or theme. They are going after what looks good in photos, so their hooks are creative themes and beautiful event venues. Tailor the design of event posters and invites to specifically catch the interest of the target attendees.

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