Wedding Stationery Check List

A wedding is one of the most significant events that anyone will ever have in their lives. So, it will require lots of planning about every single aspect. As with any major event, the first thing you should do is make a checklist of the things you need to have or do. That includes making a wedding stationery check list.

Here is a handy guide to help with the preparations and make sure you accomplish everything. Keep in mind that some pieces of stationery are optional, and depends on the wedding size or couple’s interests.

Before the Wedding

A year before the wedding, you are already making arrangements. There is so much to do, including sending out the pre-wedding stationery. As the wedding gets closer, you need to accomplish more preparations.

  • Engagement Party Invitations
Engagement Party Invitations

Not everyone wants to have an engagement party celebration. Still, for those who do, it’s absolutely essential to send an invitation. At this point, it’s too early for final wedding preparations, so your engagement party invites don’t have to exactly match the design and print of the wedding invitations. However, they do need to stay in the general motif or wedding theme. The party announces the engagement of the couple to family and friends and celebrates the happy event with them.

  • Save the Date Cards
Save the date card

One of the first things to be finalised in wedding preparations is the date. When the couple has already agreed on it, the cards must be sent out. This ensures that the guests will mark that date in advance so they will be able to attend.

Friends can apply for a leave, and relatives overseas can book their flights. This is not the formal invitation. The important elements to include are the couple’s names and the date and the city where the ceremony will take place.

  • Bridal Shower Invitations (and Thank You Cards)
Bridal Shower Invitation cards

The host of the bridal shower, usually the maid of honour, will be in charge of the invitations. They do not have to match the wedding theme because, typically, the whole bridal shower has a theme of its own. It does not have to be extremely formal because the event can be as fun and wild as the ladies want it to be. After the bridal shower, it is necessary to send out Thank You Cards for everyone who attended.

  • Wedding Invitations (with the RSVP card)
Wedding Invitation card with RSVP

The most fundamental wedding stationery is, without a doubt, the wedding invitation. The design and print reflect the final wedding theme and motif. It will include the parents’ names of the couple, the date, and the venue.

The RSVP card is essential as this will let the couple know who can make it to the wedding. They will have to make seating arrangements and meal preparations to accommodate the guests. The RSVP card must have a space for the date, name, response, number of guests, and dietary restrictions. Because mailing the formal response cards takes time, some couples require guests to respond both online and through the mail.

  • Enclosure Card
Wedding Enclosure Card

The purpose of the enclosure card is to include additional information that guests would need to know about the wedding. It can’t merely be cramped up with the wedding invitation. This extra information contains accommodations, reception information, and directions. Sharing all of these might be overwhelming, that’s why nowadays, it is common just to state the basics briefly and include a link to the venue’s website.

During the Wedding

For the wedding ceremony and reception, there are still quite a lot of wedding stationery concerns. They have to match the design and print of the invitations that were sent out pre-wedding.

  • Ceremony program
Wedding Ceremony Programs

The ceremony program informs guests of what they can expect. It’s a nice gesture to let people know the order of the ceremony.

Some guests keep the program as part of their keepsakes from the wedding. Usually, the design of the ceremony program matches the wedding stationery of the formal invitations. The program can be a medium or large card, or it can be folded like a booklet.

  • Seating Assignments and Place Cards
Wedding Seating Assignment

Guests must be able to see the seating assignments when they reach the reception. It lists out each table number and includes the names of the people who will sit there. The place cards are placed on the table itself to indicate which seat the guests must take. It has the first name of the individual, though, on some occasions, some people have the same first name. To avoid confusion, the initial of the last name is usually included too.

  • Menu
Wedding Menu

Menus are essential because they let the guests know what food to expect. The food preparations accommodate the guests’ dietary restrictions, so there’s generally a variety of dishes.

Whether the reception has a buffet or a sit-down dinner, it is still good to have a menu. It is optional, but it’s still a nice touch and would look good on the table.

After the Wedding

The stationery does not end when the wedding is over! There’s still one last task to do before it’s all really over.

Thank You Cards

wedding thank you card

Thank You Cards are usually sent out no later than two months after the event. The purpose of the card is to thank everyone for attending, signed by the couple with their new married name. Others use a template that they send out to everyone and choose to have a separate handwritten Thank You Note for the gifts. It is also possible to personalise the Thank You Cards to include the gratitude for the gifts too.

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