What is Decorative Printing?

How can your business benefit from decorative printing?

No one can deny the importance of printing in advertising. With high-quality print materials, businesses can reach more potential customers. They can also effectively send their message across through well-prepared and well-written print materials, such as brochures, posters, flyers, and other promotional products and giveaways.

If you are a business owner, you would understand how important quality printing is. Since these materials bear your brand, logo, and company name, they should reflect the quality of products and services you provide.

However, since almost everyone is doing the same approach, you need to find a way to stand above the rest. How can you catch the eye of your target customers if your poster or promotional product is next to your competitors? How can you effectively get your message across in an artistic and unique way? The answer lies in decorative printing.

The use of decorative printing

The use of decorative printing

Decorative printing applies to all types of products and services, as well as all kinds of promotional giveaways. You can utilise it for product labels, store signages, advertising products, and sending a message to your clients.

With decorations, you can use colours and unique art to stand out from the rest and attract more customers. In addition, you can use decorations to establish a unique branding that will make brand recall easier for your customers.

The use of decorative printing goes beyond advertising. Industries also use decorative printing in wallpapers, home decors, flooring laminates, doors, glass screens, and wall panels.

Decorative printing in advertisements

Text can tell a story. But add some images to it, and the story becomes more inviting. It’s the same with story books. Story books with beautiful illustrations tend to attract more young readers. Study shows that children prefer books with bright illustrations, compared to books that use sombre colours.

The same can be said with print advertising. Even with the prevalence of digital ads, the beauty, novelty, and efficacy of print ads still cannot be denied. Their power is still evident with the fact that even big companies still spend money on print ads.

A promotional print material that contains all text will most likely be ignored. Customers are exposed to hundreds to thousands of stimulants, and your ads are constantly fighting for their attention. Earning their attention requires that your ad must be unique and more than eye-catching. It should be able to hold their attention and relay your message. A study on the effectiveness of print advertisements shows that while an effective copy is a powerful tool to convey a message, visuals and images can effectively attract the target customer and ignite certain behaviours.

Decorative printing for promotional products

Decorative printing for promotional products

Promotional products, such as tumblers, pens, shirts, and other novelty items bearing your company’s name and logo are effective means to show appreciation to your clients. They are also effective in spreading your brand.

Promotional products do not have to be boring and straightforward. With decorative printing, you can have fun and aesthetic promotional products that your clients would want and be proud to use. You can create fashionable promotional gears that meet your customers’ unique tastes.

Unique promotional items that stand out will also capture the attention of the peers of your clients. They will also associate you with the feeling that your promotional product gives. If it makes the people who see or use them happy, they will have that feeling whenever they think of your brand.

Decorative printing for business establishments

Hospitality businesses, such as bars, coffee shops, hotels, cafes, and entertainment centres, should invest in memorable visuals to establish their brand. Gone are the days when the business sign on the door is all you need for a successful business.

Nowadays, customers want an immersive experience that will leave them not only with memories but also with positive feelings. They also would often share these experiences on social media. Once shared, these customer experiences serve as a free advertisement for the business.

Business establishments can keep their spaces fresh and inviting through unique colour schemes and designs representing their brand. They can do this through wall coverings, wall arts, and even decorative floors and doors. The right combination of these elements can set the right mood to entice your customers to come back for more.

Methods of decorative printing

Methods of decorative printing

Generally, there are many methods of decorative printing, and the choice depends on the application.

Digital printing remains one of the most commonly used methods for decorative printing. It is versatile and can be used in many materials. It can be used for print ads, promotional items, customised notebooks and stationeries, customised apparel, and even electronic products. Digital printing allows printing using a wider range of colours and with more vivid details.

Other methods of decorative printing include screen printing, heat transfer printing, debossing, laser engraving, foil stamping, and vinyl transfer.

Benefits of decorative printing

Decorative printing offers many advantages to businesses. Here are just some of the common ones.

  • It allows for creativity to flow.

With decorative printing, you can let the artistry of your designer shine through. You can also translate your vision into images that captivate your intended audience.

  • It creates a unique branding visual that customers will remember.

Brands are more than names. Branding targets the senses, and decorative printing allows you to delight your customers’ senses.

  • It leaves a more lasting impression on prospective customers.

Unique logos and signs are more likely to be remembered. Invest in effective brand recall with decorative signs and visually attractive logos.

  • It catches the attention, and if done right, will spark the curiosity of your target customers.

Among a sea of promotional materials, the use of colours and other visual elements can help capture the attention of prospective customers.

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