5 Ways Banners, Signs and Flyers Can Boost Your Real Estate Business

Banners, signs, and flyers are examples of print advertising that can do wonders for your real estate business. Although digital media has been a popular choice in promoting real estate businesses, print ads are still a reliable tool to capture your market’s attention.

With the COVID-19 situation’s impact on the economy, the real estate market has experienced a decline in the past few weeks. The increasing unemployment rate and uncertainty for the future have made Australians more cautious in purchasing a property. With lower consumer confidence and stiff market competition, you need to stand out from your competition and maximise your marketing tools in the form of printed ads like banners, signs, and flyers.

A banner is a form of traditional marketing

What are Banners

A banner is a form of traditional marketing that’s printed on a rectangular piece of fabric or vinyl. Pull-up banners and vinyl banners are among the most popular kinds of banners. They are a great form of advertisement because aside from being affordable, they are also durable, easy to transport and store away when not in use.

Printed on different materials

What are Signs?

A sign or signage is used to convey business information or instructions. Signs are printed on different materials and used both for internal and external branding. They are durable and long-lasting, and work 24/7 to market your business.

What are Flyers?

A flyer is a printed advertisement that is meant to be distributed or mailed to people. It usually contains a good visual representation of your product, sharp and persuasive wording, a clear call to action, and contact details. It can come in the form of photocopied black and white ads or coloured and printed ads on glossy paper.

If you want to be at the top of your game, you can leverage your use of banners, signs, and flyers to promote your real estate business. Printed advertisements can give your business a much-needed boost to edge out your competition.


5 Ways Banners, Signs, and Flyers Can Help Your Business

Here are the ways banners, signs, and flyers can benefit your business.

1. They can boost your credibility.

Credibility and honesty are traits that clients look for in real estate companies. If you’re selling an incredibly valuable asset such as real estate, you need to be perceived as credible and trustworthy. The VTT Research Institute conducted a survey, which showed that 63% of consumers trust print ads more than digital ads. Print marketing such as banners, signs, and flyers give your business the leverage you need to earn your customers’ trust. It elevates your business to a more respectable and reliable stature than your competitors.

2. They are tangible.

When customers go online, a torrent of ads sweeps by like a flood, making little or no impact. Meanwhile, printed ads like flyers stay in homes and offices for a long time. There is a sensory component in print ads such that are missing in digital ads. You can touch, flip, keep, and reread them whenever you want.

Similarly, good business signage can make a difference in real estate. Informing clients where you do business through clear signage will direct your clients to you quicker than when they find you online. Unlike online ads that can easily be deleted, printed marketing like flyers, banners, and signs are tangible and legitimate, and have a higher probability of translating to consumer sales. Similarly, putting signage in front of your business or pull-up banners in key locations can also increase sales.

3. They give your business more exposure.

Pull-out banners are a great way to promote real estate. Since you can put them outdoors where a lot of people will see them, you have a higher chance of increasing your brand awareness.

Well-placed banners make it easy for your business to gain exposure, especially to your target market. Similarly, if you put banners on high traffic areas, you increase the chance of standing out from your competitors. Flyers also have a wide reach, with their small size and easy distribution.

Flyers are handy and easy to disseminate and can pass on from one person to another. As such, they reach a wider group of people than your intended target and creating what is known as the pass-along effect. Investing in clear and visible exterior signage will direct your customers to your business, especially those who reside in your community.

4. They are more engaging.

Your online ad can easily drown along with other advertisements. It treats you as one in many different options, making it more challenging to reach your target market.

To capture your consumers’ undivided attention, you need to have a unique personal brand. That’s when flyers can give you the edge over your competition. Flyers contain pictures and information about what you’re selling as well as your brand logo and contact information. With printed ads like flyers, your audience can see your personal brand up close, and you have higher chances of making an impression.

Accordingly, a banner and signage placed at the point of sale can draw in not only casual onlookers but potential buyers as well. The tactile presence of the printed word on paper is a powerful tool in getting consumers’ attention, thereby giving you a bigger chance of translating advertisement to actual sales.pull out banners real estate

5. They give your business more recall.

As previously stated, online ads are gaining popularity. However, nothing beats old school flyers, banners, and signs when you want the market to remember you for a long time.

With online ads, people see you but they rarely pay attention to what you’re saying. After seeing your online ad, they might delete or close it, and you will easily be forgotten. On the other hand, a flyer, signage or banner gives you a bigger chance of getting sales because printed media can instantaneously trigger your consumers’ intention to buy your property. With printed ads, there’s a higher probability that consumers will take action more than when they are browsing the web.

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