Choosing the Right Font for Your Flyers

Printed marketing material isn’t as simple as putting some words on a page and distributing it. Future customers can be fickle and hard to capture. While you need to have bold, bright, and captivating visuals, you also need to make sure the flyer’s font is readable and attractive. Otherwise, your flyers will just take up space in the nearest rubbish bin.

Choosing the right font for your flyers can be an afterthought for marketers, but it definitely shouldn’t be. With the right choice in font, you can complement the images and colour scheme of your flyer. You can also elevate the overall feel of your printed marketing material.

Why you need to choose the right font

Before you disregard this idea, try imagining what would happen if this entire article (or even just this paragraph) was written in complicated cursive. Then imagine if the font was light blue. Wouldn’t reading be such a chore? You wouldn’t want to read the rest of this article we had made it hard for you to even decipher the letters.

Luckily, this article was written with the reader’s needs and comfort in mind. Instead of glaring neon font, the body of this article is optimised with the right font type and colour. The font was chosen for the web. Likewise, printed marketing materials also need to have optimised font to cater to the needs and comfort of the viewer.

No matter how catchy your tagline is, or how wonderful the accompanying images are, no flyer is worth its salt if the message can’t be read. The power of your flyer is instantly lost the moment people decide that deciphering the font is too much trouble.

Ensuring that your message can be clearly and easily read is the first function of font choice. Another reason why you need to choose the right font is to reinforce your brand identity.

What the right font means for your brand

Graphic designers, marketers, and printing companies stress the importance of keeping things consistent. For example, brand consistency and professional presentation are two of our top priorities here at Jennings. From point-of-sale signs, to business cards and letterheads, to pull-up banners and vehicle decals, the designs should all reflect a single brand identity.

A big part of brand consistency is the right font. The choice of a font can be a fun way to communicate brand values to the audience. For example, a professional company trying to establish a formal or even conservative brand shouldn’t use experimental fonts. A company that’s trying to be cutting edge and modern shouldn’t invest in designs with the everyday default types.

right font consistency

This 2019 Calendar print for Betts Bower Haulage Group Pty Ltd uses bold fonts for the headers, in line with the company’s heavy and strong branding.

Tips on choosing the right font for flyers

With those two considerations in mind, here are some tips in choosing the right font for your flyer.

1. Aim for maximum readability

Don’t get too excited about adventurous font types and colours. At the end of the day, you want your flyer to be readable to your potential customers.

Fonts which provide maximum readability in printing flyers include commonly used types such as Century Gothic, Verdana, and Helvetica. These sans serif fonts are simple and clean. Sans-serif fonts, unlike serif fonts, don’t have little lines underlining the ends of the letters. These are especially great for digital posters. For longer body flyers, serif fonts can help people read the lines of text. Serif fonts include Times New Roman and Garamond.

To create diversity with font, many designers use the same type in multiple weights, such as regular or bold or bold italic. Graphic elements such as colour, size, and lines can also help differentiate walls of text.

2. Think of your brand identity

Your brand can be vintage, western, quirky, bold, or anything under the sun. The key is being consistent with your brand while delivering a specific message through the flyer.

Serif fonts, for example, can add a sense of tradition and sophistication to a flyer design. This can be great for brands which are more formal or conservative, or for brands which are aiming for a vintage feel.

3. Choose with your audience in mind

What do you think will appeal to your audience? If you have some idea of your target audience and demographic, it’s best to choose a font that will suit their style. Children are attracted to friendly and light fonts such as Comic Sans. If you’re promoting a product at the higher end of the price scale, your audience will be enticed by an elegant and minimalist modern font.

Display and decorative fonts aim to make a statement. They are usually unique and serve to catch attention. Unlike sans serif or serif fonts, they aren’t meant to be used for long sentences or full paragraphs.

What type of display font will work best as the header of your flyer? What is your audience attracted to?

display and decorative fonts make a statement

These flyers/brochures for Meditate in Newcastle Australia feature a handwritten-style font face, which communicates the feeling of calmness and reflection.

1. Match the tone of your flyer

A bold, red font will work great in discount flyers. In informative flyers promoting an existing product, a standard font will work well.

You need to match your font choice with the overall tone of the flyer. This means going for more exciting fonts when the flyer is advertising something new and adventurous, and going for formal fonts when the event promoted is more subdued. Minimalist fonts will match a minimalist theme.

Other things you need to match are the other design elements, such as images, layout, and background colour of the flyer.

2. Balance with visual impact

While you need to consider all of the tips above, you also need to aim for maximum visual impact. After all, you need to catch the attention of people passing by.

The right font can balance all of these factors with a dash of uniqueness and quality. There are many different font types with their own nuances. Your flyer’s visual impact can differentiate you from your competition.

Printing quality flyers with Jennings Print Group

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