Different types of calendars

Functional promotional materials like calendars are a practical and worthy investment.

Did you know that calendars have existed for more than 1,500 years? One of the initial uses of a calendar was to schedule when to plant, harvest, and even hunt. This just goes to show you how vital a calendar is when it comes to productivity.

Nowadays, a calendar still serves its primary function, which is to plan your day. In fact, some may say that planning your workday with a calendar is the key to your long-term success. This is because when you start regularly planning your day, it helps ease your mind. It also helps you reach your maximum productivity levels as your day is properly planned out.

Calendars now come in different formats and designs to adapt to the modern needs of individuals and businesses. Although there are different types of calendars, all of them can help you schedule all your important tasks and events. Read on down below to find the best format that suits you.

Desk planners

Desk planners

What’s one of the most used furniture in your work area? Your desk may be one of the items that come to mind. But this is where all the magic happens when you start working.

Therefore, having a desk planner ready on your table makes a lot of sense. With a desk planner, you can immediately get a picture of your activities for the month. Some desk planners can even give you a picture of your activities for the entire year.

Desk planners are convenient, especially if you can customise it with your company’s details and make it large enough to fit any desk. Due to the wide surface area, you can easily read the texts.

Depending on your needs, there is a wide range of desk planner designs. For example, if you want to go by your schedule monthly, this is possible with a desk planner. If you prefer to have a snapshot of your whole year on your desk, you can also choose to have a desk planner designed this way as well.

Desk calendar

Desk calendar

Yes, your phone already has a calendar app. But there are days when you just don’t want to pick it up. Our smartphones are powerful machines, but picking up your phone can sometimes distract you from your work.

If you don’t want to ruin your concentration or flow, consider getting a desk calendar. Do you need to know the date today? Keeping a desk calendar nearby can answer that for you with just a quick glance.

Wall calendars

Wall calendars

Wall calendars won’t just be helpful to you; it can also be beneficial to your entire family or your office as well.

When putting up wall calendars, consider places where people usually stop and gather. This way, everything is easier to check.

Wall calendars may also be customised, especially if you want to give them away as company merchandise. Consider wall calendars with large prints for easy reading.

Don’t forget to make sure that it has a hanging hook for display as well. Choosing a strong wire bounding is important, especially if you’re aiming for a bigger design.

Wall planners

Wall planners

Wall planners can be helpful to your entire team or family too. So, if you’re looking for a way to organise an entire team’s schedule, consider wall planners.

Similar to a wall calendar, you can choose to display wall planners in communal areas. This way, everyone is informed and aligned with the upcoming schedules or tasks. Wall planners are a good way to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to deadlines.

Wall planners can also be customised if you want to include special dates. These can be holidays, birthdays, or any major event that should be taken into consideration.

DL calendars

DL calendars

DL Calendars are small and portable, making them a good option for putting up on a fridge. Because of their small size, they can also be placed in your bag or even in between notebook pages.

DL Calendars are an excellent way to promote your company because it’s a functional merchandise. Of course, you don’t want people to throw away your giveaways immediately. This is why a DL calendar is an ideal giveaway. 

This type of calendar is also affordable to print and is cost-effective. Just choose a printing company that provides an option to run small or large print runs. You can also take your DL calendar to the next level by adding magnets at the back.

According to an article from The New York Times, printed calendars also remain popular. Paper calendars are still considered effective when it comes to advertising your company because of their mass-market appeal.

For these perks alone, consider DL Calendars for your next promotional merchandise.

Other calendar options

Other calendar options

A calendar need not be just one design. You can have fun and make it creative and memorable. If you’re planning on distributing calendars as a promotional material, then make sure they can catch the attention of your customers.

Consider pen pot calendars which are collapsible pen holders with four printed sides. Revolving cube calendars can also be an interesting option. It has stacked cubes that you can rotate, and this makes the personalisation a more fun experience. 

Tent calendars can be another creative option for printed calendars. Again, make sure you have a good design and striking colour combinations.

Don’t forget to match the overall design with your company’s branding. This way, customers can easily remember your company whenever they want to check today’s date.

Jennings Print offers a wide selection of printed calendars

Useful promotional materials tend to be kept and considered more often by your customers, and one of the most useful items that can be used by anyone is a calendar. 

Whether it’s a desk calendar, a DL calendar, or a wall calendar, choose a company like Jennings Print that does high-quality printing. We can design and customise your desired type of calendar to ensure that it showcases your business.

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