Is Letterhead Still Important?

In business communication, letter writing remains the most formal method of correspondence. It is a vital part of connecting with other companies. E-mail is not quite up to that standard yet, as digital communication can be both too casual and too impersonal. A formal letter provides information about the company that can persuade future interaction. The ability to write a good business letter remains to be an essential and useful skill.

No matter the intention of the business letter, whether it is about promoting services and products or building a professional business relationship, it needs to have a good letterhead. The formal letter is also a physical representation of the company. A lot of thought must go into the letterhead’s design because it’s not standalone, as corporate stationery includes envelopes, business cards, and other paper documents. The design must be coherent and complementary among everything. Company booklets and brochures should hold to the same standard.

What are the elements of a letterhead?

A formal letter can’t simply be just the text on the paper. Without a professional letterhead, there would be no seriousness conveyed and the letter will lack credibility. The letterhead design is often at the top of the paper and sometimes the sides.

Sometimes, there is also a watermark behind the text. While that is optional, a letterhead must contain all the relevant details of the business, such as the name of the company, the official logo, the company address, and contact details. These is the key content that must be in any letterhead.

All the above help say who the company is. The address and contact details should be accurate and up-to-date to make the company easily reachable by potential clients or business partners.

Another element of the letterhead is the design and layout. The paper shouldn’t be so bare that it ends up looking plain. On the other hand, the design shouldn’t be too big that the text isn’t readable or that there isn’t much space for the body of the letter anymore. Remember to keep it simple because the content of the letter is still the most important. The letterhead should catch the attention of the reader, but not so much to overpower the intention of the letter in the first place.

Hiring a professional graphic designer for the letterhead is the usual way they are produced.  There must be a proper hierarchy of information included in the design that the company’s team might not pull off in the same manner. Typography is also part of the design, which, in turn, is part of the branding. A quirky typeface and bright colours might give the wrong impression on what the company is for, so choose the appropriate typography.

What are the primary purposes of a letterhead?

The letterhead serves many purposes in formal business correspondence. Customised letterhead isn’t just for large-scale companies, and even professional freelancers can (and should) have one.

Is Letterhead Still Important? - Letterhead

1. Demonstrates professionalism

A well-designed letterhead and company stationery will give a favourable impression to potential clients and other companies. They will be more trusting because they see that the company they are dealing with is competent and well-established. Good letterhead sends the message that the company has a strong corporate identity.

Companies that want to appear as qualified and credible as possible hire professional printing companies. Some printing companies offer graphic design services to make creative corporate stationery. Having a quality letterhead for a company shows authenticity, and that should always be the goal.

2. Sets the first impression

The first impression sets the mood of how to deal with the correspondence, so your letterhead must be designed well. It also serves as an introduction of sorts, which makes it a significant printing detail. The lack of a letterhead might imply that the company isn’t credible enough to work with. A completely unsuitable letterhead can also harm the impression of your company.

The letterhead and other branded stationery should hold the visual interest of the receiver, so they must be cohesive and easily recognisable. They also serve as a marketing tool that can either attract them to work with the company or discourage them from making any contact ever again.

Is Letterhead Still Important? - Letterhead

3. Serves as part of the company branding

Letterhead is part of the brand’s image and it helps people distinguish it from other companies. Its design shouldn’t be taken lightly because it says a lot about identity. A successful letterhead will promote and advertise the brand in a way that resonates positively with the receiver of the correspondence.

To solidify the branding, your letterhead and other stationery must be coherent and complementary. In general, the branding must be similar across all platforms. It not just limited to corporate stationery but online publicity as well in various platforms like social media and the official website. Having a solid corporate image that represents the company is a must in every business.

4. Opens the door for future interaction

Letterhead contains the relevant details about the company which allows potential clients, customers, and business partners to contact them easily. Should they have any questions about the contents of the letter, they will immediately know who to contact. If they have any concerns whatsoever, they are presented with various ways to reach the company. They can send an e-mail, give a call, or pay a visit.

As such, the design must make the contact details clear, so as not to cause any confusion or difficulty on the person who is interested in reaching out to the company. Ensure that the details are correct and up-to-date because a lack of response from the company is bad for business.

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