Poster Printing, What are my options?

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Campaigns, events, or creative projects that involve poster printing can seem intimidating to newbies. Fortunately, following these simple guidelines, poster printing can seem like a breeze for complete beginners. Whether you are printing posters for your own decor or for an event, poster printers can help you with your work.

Dealing with poster printers will be easier than ever once you find out what your options are.

What is poster printing?

Poster printing is an excellent way to promote organisations, events, or even individuals. In addition, poster printers enable you to create artworks and designs that can be displayed in a variety of ways.

Poster printing is the process of applying a design (in this case, a poster) onto paper or any other surface. You may wonder, “How do I find the best print shop near me?” but don’t worry. Finding poster printing shops is pretty simple. However, in order to obtain the best quality service, it is necessary to conduct some research into the shops.

3 poster printing options you should consider

3 poster printing options you should consider

The following are the three primary poster printing methods: digital poster printing, screen poster printing, and offset poster printing.

1. Digital Poster Printing

The method of transforming digital designs into high-resolution posters on paper is known as digital poster printing. These posters are ideal for those prepared to pay more for better quality prints. The high cost of digital prints is due to their extreme precision. Digital printing is also the quickest and easiest method to print and create posters for customers. As such, the price point is worth it.

This digital printing method gives a sleek and professional appearance to posters. Inkjet printers, which are known for their accuracy and clean defined prints, are used in digital poster printing. Digital prints can then be put on canvases and poster boards to give them a more polished appearance.

2. Screen Poster Printing

Pushing ink past a mesh screen stencil to print an image or design is a method known as screen printing. As a result, this method of printing is also known as silk screen printing. As only one colour is printed each time, multiple mesh screens may be utilised to create a multicoloured print or design.

Screen printing is a popular method for producing canvas art, print designs, and posters. Printing fabrics and textiles are the most common application for this method. Therefore, it’s ideal for making a variety of custom apparel and fashion products. Many small streetwear brands use this method to transfer designs.

3. Offset Poster Printing

Offset printing is a poster printing technique that produces clean and neat poster prints. This process can be performed on a variety of materials, but poster paper is the most common. It produces a bright and vivid finish, even for complex images and designs. One advantage of this technique is that it is less expensive than digital printing using inkjet printers. This makes it ideal for customers who are on a budget but want a high-quality product.

Offset printing is a technique that uses colours from printing plates to transfer a design on a surface using actual ink. In general, this type of printing transfers pigments on plates to sheets of rubber. These sheets then roll onto the material where the prints need to be (for example, paper).

A few tips to make poster printing easier

A few tips to make poster printing easier

Create your designs or convert them to the CMYK Colour Model

If you are planning on taking your designs to a poster printing shop, make sure to work in CMYK (not RGB). When printed, this colour mode provides a more accurate representation of the design’s digital colours.

Some colours may have become dull if designs or images were created in RGB and then converted to CMYK. Before printing, editing software can be used to emphasise the colours that will have difficulty transforming from RGB to CMYK.

1. Make sure to use high-resolution images or designs before printing

Redoing things because of low resolution is one of the most frequently occurring problems in poster printing. Print-ready file settings must be 300 DPI (dots per inch). This is because 300 DPI is the default resolution for a high-quality print document. A higher number of printed dots per inch creates a higher quality print. Consequently, your poster will be blurred and pixelated if your resolution is too low.

2. Utilise vectors in poster designing

Vectors are a great valuable resource when printing posters. They can drastically enhance the finished product, particularly for large and numerous prints. Create the design work to be printed in software specialising in vectors like Adobe Illustrator. This will significantly reduce file size whilst also ensuring that you achieve the cleanest print possible.

3. Convert your design files to PDF before printing

Provide your print files in PDF format, without compression, in high print resolution. JPGs can be used if they are of good quality or high resolution. For instance, submit a JPG image if you’d like to make a poster with regular pictures taken on a phone (or a design in JPG). However, note that JPG images may not be as sharp or clear as PDF images.

4. Choose the best types of paper and printing methods for your purpose

A2, A3, and A4 paper are popular poster printing sizes. The type and thickness of paper can be brought up with the poster printer shop you choose.

Aside from size, certain types of paper have different purposes, so you must consider them well before printing. Likewise, poster printing methods vary, so you must check which one best suits your purpose.

Need a Newcastle print shop near you? Choose Jennings Print

Need a Newcastle print shop near you? Choose Jennings Print

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