Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses: Calendars

How to maximise calendars for your marketing and promotion

Whether your small business has existed for decades or a few months, it is crucial to create a marketing plan to boost your brand and increase your bottom line. More than 2 million small businesses exist in Australia and, with such stiff competition, product and services innovation and marketing are a must, to stand out in your community.

Among the different types of marketing available, most use some form of search engine marketing, content and video marketing, and social media marketing, of course, but print is also an effective form of brand promotion as it allows you to reach local audiences directly. A great way to get your brand name out there in print is to create items like calendars.

How to Use Calendars for Small Business Marketing

at Jennings Print, we whole-heartedly believe that soft marketing is effective, with the right target market and suitability of the product for that market, and there are several ways to print a promotional calendar to capitalise on this:

Calendars for Products

Calendars for Products

You can promote a variety of products using a calendar. On each page of every month, you can feature a certain product that you would like your customers to see. Small businesses can strategically place products per page. For example, if you have a clothing brand, you can highlight summer clothes on the January page.

Calendars for Services

If your small business offers services to locals, a calendar is good marketing material. You can target consumers by including contact numbers, email addresses and office addresses on every page. People often check their calendar for event dates, schedules and appointments, so you can use this opportunity to remind your potential and existing consumers about the services you offer.

Include Promotions

Include Promotions

Whether you are using a calendar to market a product or service, it is possible to put ongoing or annual sale promotions on the calendar. For example, suppose you will celebrate your business’ anniversary in July. In that case, you can create a promo for that month and put a promo code on the page.

It is advisable to build a marketing plan for sales, discounts, and other promotions before creating your calendar’s layout, to ensure promotional success and avoid possible financial loss from errors. Don’t just randomly put promotions in your calendar.

Include Inspiring Quotes

If you have some space left on each calendar page, you can also use this to target consumers by putting relevant quotations for each month. For example, if you want more mothers to purchase your products, you can include a Mother’s Day quote on the May page. You can also use this in conjunction with promotions and create a code that only moms can use.

Leave Some Space for Notes

Leave Some Space for Notes

Desk calendars are a useful marketing tool, especially for use in offices or receptions. These places always need to write notes somewhere, so, why not allocate some space on your promotional calendar? This allows the user to view your products and services when they need to jot something down, which could eventually turn to sales conversion.

Calendar Styles

Calendar Styles

Calendars come in all shapes and sizes from Jennings Print, and can be used in different ways:

  • Wall calendars can be hung at home – perfect if your target consumers are families and small businesses.
  • Desk flip calendars are great for students or professionals working in an office.
  • Desk pad calendars are the best pick for note taking.
  • Card calendars act as business card with a calendar on the back. Handy and relatively easy to distribute, just like booklets and catalogues.

Some Tips for Creating a Brand Boosting Business Calendar

Use Graphics to Promote Your Product

Use Graphics to Promote Your Product

Your priority, when choosing images and graphics to use in your calendar, is to make your product pop. You want people using the calendar to notice what the image is offering, even if it’s just for just a second.

You might have many concepts in your mind to include in your calendar, but always keep in mind that all the pages’ designs should still be cohesive. Decide on a particular theme and make sure font styles, borders, and text sizes are consistent.

In your calendar, you have to highlight your business identity and branding. Use high-resolution images and remember that less is more. Avoid putting too many elements on one page in an attempt to create an impact.

Consult A Reliable Printing Company

One of the most important things to check when creating your calendar is to check the material and print quality. You want your calendar to be durable enough to last for the whole year. We suggest consulting a print house that can do the graphic design and printing for your small business. Hiring a company with a graphic designer ensures that your calendar is an eye-catching reflection of your brand.

A printing company should also ensure that everything is printed with accurate colour reproduction and crisp, high-quality images. You can also choose what paper type to use to advertise your small business.

Jennings Print Can Help You with Your Printing Needs in Newcastle

If you are planning to advertise your business in Newcastle, Jennings Print can assist you with your marketing needs. For more than 45 years, we have been serving various local businesses by creating high quality printed materials with our state-of-the-art printing equipment.

Talk to a design specialist at Jennings Print Group, and we will answer all your enquiries about using calendars as a marketing tool. Consult our team to produce the best material that perfectly suits your business’ branding and vision. Contact us on 02 4933 5735 or send us an email at for quotes and ideas.